BourkeHood's team of R&D and Tax Experts can help your business thrive.

BourkeHood is a global innovation funding consultancy working across a multitude of sectors and business
sizes to help clients apply for innovation funding.

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are becoming increasingly popular amongst startups and companies, as an innovative cash flow tool that allows organizations to inject funds into their projects as quickly as possible while maintaining full control of their business operations.

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Our Steps in processing your Claim

Phase 1

Phase 1:

Technical Discussion

Technical Discussion

BourkeHood's process starts with you. In Phase 1, we assign the consultant to your case who will be working with you to explore the scope and depth of R&D amongst your business activities and projects and gain an initial understanding of the potential claim value.

Phase 2:

Claim Documentation

Phase 2

Claim Documentation

BourkeHood takes the legwork to prepare the technical narrative and financial documentation of your claim. Our unique 'reverse audit methodology' minimises the risk of post-submission questions, whereas our dedicated team ensures a straightforward process.

Phase 3

Phase 3:

Financial Calculations

Financial Calculations

After collecting the necessary information from you regarding your R&D projects and costs, we calculate your eligible R&D expenditure on a project-by-project basis.

Phase 4:


Phase 4


BourkeHood prepares your application for lodging which then needs to be submitted as part of your tax return together with your accountants. Once approved, you will receive your benefit.

What activities qualify?

Eligible Expenditure

R&D Tax Credits at a glance

  • All R&D activity conducted in the same country you're looking to claim in;
  • Developing or designing new and/or innovative products or processes
  • Improving existing products, processes, or prototypes
  • Reviewing the potential of several alternatives or methods during the development or improvement processes.

Benefits of accessing innovation credits.

R&D Tax Credits can be a great source of tax relief for growing companies, especially those that are pre-revenue or between funding rounds, where other types of funding are either unavailable at this stage (like bank loans) or expensive (like venture debt). Having accessed the offset, startups can expedite further R&D activities, bring forward commercialisation plans, support further growth, delay unnecessary financing or equity injections, and satisfy ongoing cash flow requirements.

R&D Tax Credits are a non-dilutive option to manage your cashflow, allowing founders to retain full control and ownership over their business – preserving the ownership of a company for a future occasion when the product is more mature and a better valuation can be achieved.